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These carry-on bags travel with you onto the plane and in most cases meet TSA specifications for storage in the overhead bin. Double check dimension with your carrier's requirements.

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Antler Camden Town 22" Carry On 4 wheeled designer upright
Regular Price: $320.00
 On Sale For: $119.00

Antler Liquis International 4 wheeled Super Lightweight Carry On
Regular Price: $600.00
 On Sale For: $249.99

Antler New Size Zero XL 22" Super Lightweight carry on
Regular Price: $400.00
 On Sale For: $149.00

Antler New Size Zero XL Weekender
Regular Price: $200.00
 On Sale For: $74.00

Brics Life 21" Carry-on Trolley
Regular Price: $595.99
 On Sale For: $550.00

Bric's Life Garment Sleeve
Price: $335.00

Bric's Pininfarina 21" Carbonite Trolley
Regular Price: $380.00
 On Sale For: $250.00

Bric's Pronto 20" Wide Body Spinner Carry-on
Regular Price: $159.00
 On Sale For: $125.00

Bric's Safari 21" Carry-on Rolling Duffle
Price: $595.99

Bric's X-Bag Carry-on Trolley
Price: $165.00

Carlton Travel Adventura Luggage
Regular Price: $240.00
 On Sale For: $109.99

Carlton Travel Dune Spinner Luggage
Regular Price: $340.00
 On Sale For: $144.99

Carlton Travel Titanium DLX Luggage
Regular Price: $340.00
 On Sale For: $169.99

Carlton Travel Titanium Duffles
Regular Price: $130.00
 On Sale For: $64.99

Carlton Travel Titanium Spinner Luggage
Regular Price: $230.00
 On Sale For: $114.99

Delsey Helium Aero Carry-On Expandable Spinner Trolley Luggage
Regular Price: $300.00
 On Sale For: $127.99

Delsey Helium Alliance 20.5" Carry-on Expandable Suiter Trolley
Regular Price: $180.00
 On Sale For: $59.99

Delsey Helium Alliance Attache Garment Bag
Regular Price: $120.00
 On Sale For: $39.99

Delsey Helium Fusion 3.0 Carry-on Expandable Suiter Trolley
Regular Price: $200.00
 On Sale For: $84.99

Delsey Helium Fusion 3.0 Personal Bag
Regular Price: $80.00
 On Sale For: $33.99

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