Sunday, April 30, 2017

Influencia by Donita Claire Perfumes

Why buy expensive perfumes when you can buy affordable ones at Influencia by Donita Claire. They have wide ranges of perfumes to choose for men and women. ❤️

I bought two perfumes from Influencia by Donita Claire which is (BLvgari Extreme for bae and Eclat D'aperge) with my own money and the another one (Jm Nectarine Blosson & Honey) was given to me for free. It contains 1.7 Fl OZ / 50 Ml with 20% of oil. The versions of their perfumes are similar to the expensive ones in the malls which is sooo amazing. ❤️

Citrusy, floral and woodsy are my kinds of  scent. It boosts my confidence and in just one simple spritz.

My verdict:

I really like what i got from Influencia because it really lasted long thanks to the 20% of oil. I can still smell my perfume the next day!

I recommend you to get the Burberry Brit and Meow by Katty Perry because of the classy smell and long scent duration. Also, you can re-use the bottle.

I love everything i got from Influencia and always looking forward to them. I'm still shook! ❤️


Shipping Fee: 
  • Php 70.00 for Manila
  • Php 120.00 for Provincial
Mode of Payment:
  • BPI
  • BDO
  • Metro Bank

Place your order now! 😍😊

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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Hair Fairy Dry Shampoo | Review

The struggle of second-day hair is such a hassle to us ladies when we rush every morning and don’t have time to fix our hair, especially with an oily scalp. I hate the feeling when I wake up late and need to hurry in the shower because I look so messy. I can’t style my hair with a very oily scalp and you know girl, it is really annoying.

With the help of Hair Fairy Dry shampoo, just a quick blast, my hair will revitalize dull and lifeless hair without the need of water. A quick spray will transform my hair between washes into a clean, fresh scent that's full of body and bounce in an instant.

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I like the sweet smell and packaging of this dry shampoo. A local brand made in Philippines retails 200 pesos each. This can also be used as a styling product  when applying to fresh, clean, damp hair to build height.

I used it in second day hair and never felt greasy at all and makes my hair smell like sweet candy!

Not just an ordinary dry shampoo.

This is perfect for travels and events! Also very handy and lightweight. I style my hair using the dry shampoo and i loved it!

Thanks for reading! ❤️

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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Pretty Angel Shoppe Hair Care Products | Review

"Invest in your hair, it is the crown that you never take off."

With my color-treated hair, I often touch it up when my natural roots starts showing up and it is really hard to maintain it healthy without damaging it. I tested so many hair care products but there's one product that made my hair so straight and smooth. I was so desperate and worried about my hair because it was really damaged due to the hair color products that I've used. The product which I'm talking about is "Keratin Hair Reconstructor", a do-it-yourself Brazilian Blow out that makes hair healthier and shinier.

This is ideal for rebonded, color treated hair, dry and damaged hair. It is formulated with keratin extracts that is proven to repair dry, rebonded, damaged hair, color-treated hair and other thermal styling tools.

I bought five sachets of Keratin Hair Reconstructor in Lboutique Parkmall Cebu. I'm so glad that i bought it and very happy with the results. The distributor of this product is from Manila and she has a branch here in Cebu and it's inside in the Lboutique Showroom.

Ms. Shirleen was kind enough to send me more hair care products and when i received it, I was shocked! It was more than what I've expected because it was plenty for me. I also gave my co-workers a keratin sachet and after they used it they also love it and was amazed.

She also included an Epsa Organic Brown Rice shampoo and conditioner, Verdon ne Silky Keratin Hair Spa and Clareal Repair Lotion. The brands are new to me and intrigued me because it's organic. I love everything organic because i can tell its made from natural ingredients.

"Organic Brown Rice Moisture Conditioner: New hair care powered by organic materials. It gives moisture and refreshing to damaged hair, contains natural organic vitamins and protein that makes your hair healthier."
This conditioner smelled so good! It really moisturized my hair and i left this for 1 to 2 minutes to achieve the smooth and elastic hair.

"Organic Brown Rice Refreshing Shampoo: Organic Brown Rice & Vitamin B7. Helps cleanse and strengthen hair with ginkgo biloba extract that protects the hair." 
This shampoo makes my hair non greasy and  my scalp non oily.

"Verdon ne Silky Keratin Hair Spa: It nourishes and brings lustre to hair, leaving it silky smooth while helping to prevent hair breakage. Keeps the hair from dandruff and hair loss while adding softness to the hair.  
Ahhh! ❤️️ I love this organic hair spa. My hair smell good , natural nourishing and effective too. It makes my hair so bagsak. Haha. I love it!

"Clareal Repair Lotion: Keeps hair moisture for whole day, strengthens hair tenacity, hair elasticity, makes hair healthy and smooth for long term use.
I use this for my damaged split ends. I think it does the job. I will update soon.

I'm very pleased and thankful with Pretty Angel Shoppe for sending these to me. Thank you so much Ms. Shirleen! ❤️️

My hair is so bagsak and straight! Please excuse my face expression. Haha! ❤️️  

You can also buy their products inside of Lboutique Showroom , 2nd Floor Parkmall Cebu. For online inquiries and orders. Please follow them on Instagram, linked below. ❤️️

Thanks for reading! ❤️

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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Baremnl Warm Sugar Vanilla Soy Candle and Linen Spray | Review

Nothing is more memorable than a smell of the scented candle. It invites cozy memories and transforms your room into a welcoming retreat.

I received a scented candle and linen spray from Baremnl Essentials. Their candles are made from natural soy candle which is good and the powder fresh & linen spray smelled heavenly.

I got the Warm Sugar Vanilla Natural Candle, it made my entire room smell like the fragrance of vanilla orchid flowers. When I first smelled the warm vanilla candle it reminded me of something that I just couldn't remember. Haha! 

I absolutely love the Warm Sugar Vanilla! I can certainly tell it is vanilla while burning, unlike other vanilla scented candles I've tried.

The Powder Fresh and Linen Spray helped me a lot especially having so many pets in my room. I tried spraying my pillows and the scent reminds me of Avon Sweet Honesty perfume. It helps me relax
and get a good night sleep. It lasts long too! Love it so much. ❤️️

I'm very pleased and thankful with Baremnl for sending these to me. Also, Baremnl is very affordable as you can see in the price list below. 

For online inquiries and orders. Please follow them on Instagram, linked below. ❤️️

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Instagram: @baremnl
Viber: +6399178611105

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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Rucys Vanity Product Review

I love watching korean dramas as well as korean beauty products! I always wondered why koreans have flawless skin and makes me think what they're using. Thankfully, Rucys Vanity sent me their products to test out and also to share it with you. ❤️️

"Rucys Vanity is a 100% Korean cosmetics brand offering high quality cosmetics in a more reasonable price to create a beautiful life. They initially targets budget-conscious Filipino consumers, which value both affordability and quality of their skincare and cosmetic products."

They sent me foam cleansing, lip and cheek red, liquid eyeliner and mascara. I know some of the high end korean products are expensive and I'm quite surprised that Rucys products are quite affordable.

Lets go through to my beauty goodies! ❤️️


Green Tea Foam Cleansing

When I first tried this foam cleansing, I thought this was lotion! I didn't read the label and just quickly tried the product. *silly me*

Product Claims:

Removes make-up, dirt, impurities and excess oil. Leaves skin perfectly clean with deep cleansing action. Contains collagen with Aloe moisturizing and soothing effect. Deep cleansing action to leave skin refreshed & purified. It contains collagen with aloe and deep cleansing action.

My thoughts for this Green Tea Foam Cleansing is it does the job of removing my make up and its very foamy even if i pump a small amount. After washing my face, i rubbed the dead skin all over my face and felt more cleaner. Thumbs up! ❤️️

Price: Php 130.00

I rate 5 star for Aloe Foam Cleansing

Lip and Cheek Red

I'm not really a fan of sticky cheeks and lip stains because i have oily skin. It makes my face more stickier and feels uncomfortable.

Product Claims:

This dual-purpose liquid stain gives lips and cheeks a hint of natural-looking colour. Can be used under gloss for added intensity. It contains green tea and collagen. Dermatology tested.

My thoughts for this lip and cheek red tint is it's moisturizing but sticky at the same time. It has a cherry smell onto it. Overall, this product is very affordable and great for dry and chapped lips.

Price: Php 80.00

I rate 3 star for Lip and Cheek Red

Gleamy Lavish Waterproof Mascara

I was excited seeing this product in the paper bag goodie because i never had a mascara in ages. I really like that this is a waterproof and sweat resistant.

Product Claims:

Water-proof mascara that natural coats each lash making it appear longer and volumized. Protects lashes and lock in moisture.

My thoughts for this mascara is it really lengthens my eyelashes! It exceeded my expectations because it does not smudge and clump and it coats very well to my eyelashes. Worth a buy and affordable! ❤️️

Price: Php 180.00

I rate 5 star for Gleamy Lavish Waterproof Mascara

Rucys Vanity Liquid Eyeliner

The applicator of this eyeliner is thin which is good but the handle is too long which is hard for me to hold while doing my eyeliner.

Product Claims:

Water-proof eyeliner with deep black pigmentation that last whole day without smudging and long lasting.

My thoughts for this Rucys Liquid Eyeliner is its great for everyday use and affordable. It would be more convenient if they shortened the handle of this eyeliner. ❤️️

Price: Php 160.00

I rate 4 star for Rucys Vanity Liquid Eyeliner

Two Way Cake SPF 35 PA ++ 12g

I like how girly the packaging is and the transparent separator for the face puff.

Product Claims:

Combines the goodness of foundation and powder in one with added protection from UV rays with whitening effect. Whitening, Stay matte all day, Non-cakey, UV Protection and Non-clogging.

My thoughts for this Two Way Cake is it makes my face radiant and protects my face from UV rays because it has SPF 35. I wish they sent me the dark beige shade because natural beige is lighter of my skin tone. Two Way Cake is available in Natural Beige and Dark Beige.

Price: Php 160.00

I rate 4 star for Two Way Cake


Makeup Look using the Rucys Vanity

Here's my final look using the Rucys Vanity Products only. ❤️️

Connect with Rucys Vanity:

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